Top Jazz Organisations

There are many organisations out there that are pretty decent. However, we have simplified the task for you if you want to join up with a jazz organisation in your area. Here is a list of some of the most famous jazz organisations in the UK.

Europe Jazz Network (EJN)

This European non-profit organisation supports creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music being produced in Europe. This organisation currently includes over 156 organisations (national organisations, festivals, clubs, concert venues, and promoters) in over 35 countries.

This organisation exists to support the identity and diversity of jazz music in Europe. It also promotes jazz for educational purposes.

Women in Jazz Organisation (WIJO)

This organisation fights for equality in the jazz industry so that women and non-binary people have equal opportunities to participate in and contribute to the jazz industry. This may inevitably lead to an art form that is more rich, diverse, and successful in every way. They are also committed to honouring Black Americans as the founders of the jazz genre.

National Youth Jazz Orchestra

The NYJO runs a comprehensive national education programme in the UK. This organisation is currently in partnership with more than 90 educational organisations around the country that work closely with NYJO to develop jazz educational opportunities for young musicians. They are constantly on the lookout for talented artists that can contribute to the industry.

National Jazz Archive

The National Jazz Archive allows you to freely access the most comprehensive resource on the story of jazz in the UK. This goes beyond documenting the development of this ever-evolving genre. The Jazz Archive is also the story of art, cultural diversity, and fashion. The formation of significant communities and organisations continue to contribute to this archive.

Reasons for supporting jazz organisations

You can do your part by contributing to any one of these fantastic jazz organisations. Get involved in your community and contribute to the sustainability of jazz music. You could end up making a jazz artist’s dream come true.