Jazz Music Performers and Popular Venues

With so many music festivals and cultural events always going on, it is hard to track when or where something is happening. The following information may provide insights into famous jazz artists and where you might find them performing in the UK.

Modern talented jazz artists

New talented musicians are always showing up. However, there are a few talented modern jazz artists that you might want to look out for when planning for your next concert.

Moses Boyd

Boyd is a famed British jazz drummer and record producer. He was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2020 for his studio album Dark Matter.

Shabaka Hutchings

Hutchings is a well-known jazz saxophonist, clarinettist, and bandleader. He currently lives in London and performs alongside numerous bands.

Nubya Garcia

Garcia is an English Jazz musician, saxophonist, and bandleader. One of her most well-known titles includes ‘’Together Is a Beautiful Place to Be’’.

Ezra Collective

This famous British band is what is known as a jazz quintet. They are currently a sensation throughout the UK and have added a unique flavour to the genre.

Popular venues for jazz performances in London, UK

With so many recreational locations to choose from, we have made it a little easier for you by identifying some of the hottest venues for jazz music in the UK.

The Jazz Café

The Jazz Café is no ordinary venue. It’s a historic venue that hosted great jazz players of the past and still hosts the greatest jazz players. The crowd area is compact, and the stage is small and close to the fans. The atmosphere here is incomparable. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with the music of the current generation.

Buster Mantis

This is an exciting venue for young jazz enthusiasts in the city. There is a weekly Wednesday session at this address, and it is a must-see for devoted fans of the jazz genre. However, be sure to get there early if you are looking for a spot.


You can get it all at Vortex. The venue is known for covering all bases of the jazz genre. This means you can hear some god old-school purist jazz sounds mixed with some bold young artists. Go here to be surprised, and maybe you can join up with the community.